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One Little Twig

 Welcome to our handcrafted gifts from around the world, right here at One Little Twig. Our online shop is full of wonderful handmade and unique crafts from around the world. Each item that we offer is hand chosen and designed with cost and quality in mind. As you browse our site you will be delighted to find a great selection of gifts for your wardrobe and your home. Among the items you will find beautifully designed  hand beaded baskets made in the mountains of Indonesia, Embroidered jackets and coats from the Kashmir Valley in India and Handcrafted Sterling Jewelry from Rajasthan. We are also offering custom design for our home Crewel items, we can make pillow covers, wall hanging and Chain Stitch rugs with your very own art, the possibilities are endless! It has been a great adventure seeking out the great gifts and unique selections that we offer.  Each purchase you make here at One Little Twig helps the handicraft person who created it. We Know that whatever you choose here at One Little Twig, it will be enjoyed for many years to come!

Hand Beaded Baskets